Donor Benefits

• Representation and liaison to government agencies, other institutions, and collective  voice in civic and commercial affairs.
• Portuguese-American representation in key areas such as immigration, education, employment, economic status, and to increase policymaker and public understanding of Portuguese-American needs.
• Advocate for encouraging the adoption of programs and policies that equitably serves Portuguese-Americans.

Capacity-Building Assistance:
• Support to strengthen Portuguese-American community-based organizations.
• Organizational assistance in management, governance, program operations, education, and resource development to Portuguese-American community-based organizations.

Policy Analysis:
• Current policy analysis of public policy issues, generating information for public- and private-sector policy makers, the Portuguese-American community and the media.
• Dissemination of policy analysis products to a national network of Portuguese-American and other leaders, policy-makers and organizations, including members of Congress and their staff, state and local officials and corporate executives.